Hi. I’m the Reluctant Chef. I accidentally found myself in this trade as a student on a zero-hours contract at a time when working a zero-hour contract on minimum wage in a field you had no interest in was all a student could hope for. I can’t say I ever wanted to work in catering and was frequently told by those who did not to pursue it as a career. It is a job of long hours, late nights, early mornings and near constant stress – I could hardly resist.

Now I work in a fine dining restaurant and through this blog I hope to share with you some tips, recipes (nothing too complex, who the hell has a sous-vide machine after all?) and ideas from our kitchen to yours as I myself attempt to catch up on the culinary education I missed. I also hope to share stories on the lifestyle and issues of the job and the people who inhabit this trade and the hardships we go through.

This is for my love of food, my love of cooking and my love of the people who cook good food. But for the sake of anonymity of my place of work and the people I work with I will simply be known as the Reluctant Chef.